Friday, December 5


Actually it is Catch Up but I wanted to get your attention. One of these days I hope to have something new and exciting to tell you about but until then you are stuck with what comes tumbling out of my brain. These days it is not too exciting. I am still working on my sugar detox and it is going well. The farther I stay away from it in all its forms the better I feel. Still getting plenty of exercise. I cannot let Colleen get the better of me on that score. Heaven forbid I get back to Jefferson next Spring and be a drudge that cannot keep up.
Butch is playing golf and pool but so far not with the same intensity as years past. That could change at any time and in fact it will as soon as pool leagues start up.
Peggy is keeping on with Costco Thursdays. This past Thursday we added stops at a store called Kirklands. It is a store with items for home decorating. And then we also stopped at L A and that is a discount linens and clothing store. The two sections are divided as if it were separate businesses but it has the same name but different entrances. These discounted items are constantly changing. I believe they are discontinued items from big name stores.
Our Canyon Lake  Texas friends are coming down in January for a week. I know they will want to do Ropa Usada or at least some of them will. But there are many things to do and see here. Too much for one week but we will do the best we can.
Butch and I tried out a new restaurant for lunch. El Rancho Grande 308 W. Pike Blvd-Weslaco Texas. It compares favorably to our favorite El Dorado. Butch had a Taco Quesadilla and I had a chicken enchilada plate that had a fancier name I cannot remember. We both brought home half our meal for another time. We will go back perhaps for breakfast next time.

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