Thursday, November 27

Casa De Oro and other stuff

Sis-in-law Keri likes to have lime in her coffee when she dines at Casa de Oro in Jefferson Iowa. One of the owners who is of Hispanic descent told her it was tasty so she tried it and agreed with him. I like cream and sugar in my coffee but I am trying to cut back on sugar so I decided to drink it black with lime like Keri. I was absolutely amazed.  I really like it!!! Maybe I am just crazy about lime right now because Sally Louks gave me a papaya and told me she sprinkles hers with lime juice. Now in the past papaya has been okay with me but with the addition of the lime juice I love it! Now I am not talking about the bottled lime juice you buy in the grocery store, I'm talking about honest to God limes off a tree. So give it a try. Lime juice in your coffee and if you are lucky enough to have a papaya sprinkle lime juice over it too.

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