Friday, October 31


We are in a tiny microcosm and it is very interesting. This park is mostly made up of people you would find in a small town neighborhood. But they cannot or choose not to own a house. Some are full time Rvers such as we were for 11 years and our lifestyle could still be considered if not full time at least half time. So some here are retired, some are unemployed at least to the naked eye. I am guessing some are disabled or trying to be. And we are told one is a college student. Since he never leaves the house he must be doing online classes.And some leave every morning to go to work and come home in the evening only to do it all over again the next day , same as we all did for years. They all live in tiny houses called Rv's.  All in all it is an interesting place to observe humanity. They all seem like nice people doing what they have to do to get along. The park owner is throwing a "do" tomorrow at 4:00 for all of us to get acquainted. I can see the smarts in this. When everyone knows their neighbor it creates a bond and yes, I believe this is a good thing. You are more likely to work out a problem, if you have one ,when you know your neighbor. Are we likely to become best buds with the majority in here? Probably not but it never hurts to say hello or even help someone out if you can. In the meantime it is like having a second TV and watching all the drama and the comedy unfold around you.
Another interesting side note to this place is that we are right beside a busy highway but you would never know it. The entrance is not easy to see right away and is easily missed. Trees obscure the fact this park is even here. So we are not an easy crime target. Also it is one of the darkest parks we have ever been in. Consider that it is in a canyon and we are out in the country at least theoretically and the only lights are from the RV's themselves and not everyone lights up their place. I think I only see two who do have some rope lights strung about and that is low key lighting. It is the only time I wish I had brought along our nightlight. Just as I wrote that I remembered we have some accent lights we never turn on. Wonder if we should?...So we turned on some accent lights we haven't used in the 10 years we have owned this rig. I think we may use them tonight. might as well!
Here are a couple of simple but beautiful shots I have taken recently.

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