Monday, October 27

Day 3 at Canyon Lake

We have paid for a month but may not stay that long. It was cheaper to go that way. This is a great place though. Only one small aggravation and that is poor phone service. This park isn't called Walnut CANYON RV Park for nothing. We have walls of rock on 3 sides of us. It isn't just Verizon that doesn't work well. It is all of them. It works well once we leave the park. Text messages come through okay. And we have good Internet. I say good and not great as there are times when it does not work either but it is free. Mostly times of heavy use by our neighbors.
Our friends Mike and Sharon Bryce invited us to a gathering at their home and once again I didn't get pictures. I did get two when I was experimenting with the night setting on my phone camera. And here they are:
 The Bryce's home is moderately sized but their rambling patio is quite large with 3 seating areas all facing the golf course. The night was warm and the company top notch.
Another gathering planned for tonight. Maybe I can get some people pics for a change!
I have heard from my walk and talk buddy Colleen and she is in Cincinnati with her daughter and son-in-law. She said she was getting ready to go for a walk in her communication. I haven't gotten in the groove yet. I did plan to walk around the park but was forewarned last night that there have been cougar sightings. The dam that holds the water for Canyon Lake is a good place to walk but we have to drive to get there. I still plan to put it on my todo list.
I will be walking with Sharon at Costco later this morning but that doesn't qualify.
Got chores to do so...more later!

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