Thursday, October 30

A settling in and quiet time

Haven't done much the last couple of days. Laundry and other ordinary things is all. I have done a couple of bracelets come to think of it. That was fun. I have a third one started.
And then...
I am having a fight with myself in my mouth. This will most likely bore the daylights out of most of you. But this is the message I sent to my dentist just a bit ago and explains it all. Also keeps me from writing it all again: 2 months ago I became dehydrated and had a bad taste in my mouth and a blocked or sluggish salivary gland on the right side of my mouth. It became quite red and swollen and I was not able to wear my bottom plate for a few days. I started using Chlorhexadine right away and when that did not clear it up  I took a Z pak ( Azithromycin)and that took care of the bad taste but my mouth was still sore. Not severe but pesky. I was still able to wear my lowers and manage eating but still 1-2 on the pain scale. I attributed it to the sluggish salivary gland and still do but yesterday I had a "tooth" ache around the right implant and it was a 6 on the pain scale. I took my plate out and noticed puss around it. Scared the bejeebers out of me. I rinsed with Chlorhexadine and started another Z pak assuming there was infection in there somewhere. I got pain relief rather quickly. But... what do I do now?
I haven't heard from him yet but it hasn't been very long.

Butch played golf yesterday with Mike Bryce. I didn't think he played bad for being on a new course but he wasn't thrilled with it . He did say he had a good time. His attitude has matured in the last 10 years or so.;-)
Butch is going to do some interim washing on the motorhome. Get the bugs off the front and wash the car. And that reminds me of a great tip! Dryer softener sheets do a fantastic job of getting bug guts off the vehicle. Dampen the sheet and wipe away. Hardly any elbow grease needed.

So we are just chillin' in Texas and enjoying ourselves.

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