Tuesday, September 9

Rain, Rain go away!

This morning we, Colleen and I, managed to get our walk in on the trail after a 6 day break. The sun was shining and it was perfect weather. My plan was to get the 3rd coat of paint on the steps. When I started I noticed that the second coat did not withstand the torrential rains of yesterday. So perhaps you could say I put the 2nd coat on again! I felt really good about it. The sun shining and a light breeze gave me high hopes for success. Rain was predicted but not until late in the day. Late in the day translated to 2:00 pm, a scant 3 hours from when I finished painting. Not knowing if it was a bad or good decision I covered what I could of the steps with plastic and then anchored it with some boards.And then the clouds gathered and the rain came and it has rained and rained and rained. And it is still raining.
A couple of bright spots in the day were a visit from a classmate who lives in Rippey IA, Toni Roberts. She and her husband recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Toni makes really delicious egg muffins and she treated us with some.
Another bright spot was 2 pieces of Keri's key lime pie. So egg muffins and key lime pie brightened our day.
What Butch did: Played golf and burned scraps and branches before the rain.
And he called a guy to install new gutters.

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