Monday, September 8

A Day at the Fair

Omelets at the Chop, Chop Cafe.

These pieces are made from discarded wood. The tall one on the right is boxelder wood.

These pieces are smooth as silk and look like stone.

Norma Cooklin Photo entries

Welded artwork

Norma C. pulled in yet another outstanding award for her winter painting..

I loved this birdhouse and planned to come back and buy it but when I did it was gone. It is made from electrical boxes and coat hooks.

These ponies were very popular. The kids can work the peddles and it gives them the feel of riding a real pony. I heard the guy say they sell for $275. Aw c'mon grandpa buy me a pony!

This guy appeared to be run by remote control but the back of his leg sure looked like a persons leg.

When you get tired at the fair you can ride the shuttles. $1 a ride or $2 for all day. We rode and rode and people watched. It was great fun.

This was my view this morning from my kitchen window. Pretty in Pink!

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