Saturday, September 13


10 of us Jefferson Iowa Girls went to Paton (pay'-ton) Iowa for lunch. Paton Iowa? A town of 230? There is quite the story in Paton with an entrepreneur hitting it big with an idea and becoming a player in the world market and then sharing his wealth with the small town of Paton where his factory began. It proves that if you build it they will come. So we enjoyed our meal at the 209 main restaurant in Paton where  a class of '64 reunion was also taking place.
The conversation was lively and the food delicious.
Janet Smith was in the class of '61 with the rest of us and she has one of the finest minds and sharpest wits of anyone I know. Janet has always been an unpretentious person and for some reason, I do not remember why, she was labeled with the nickname "Granny" way back when we were all in grade school. And it has stuck.Today she was telling us that she takes medicine for seizures but it is actually for her butt. Of course we asked why and she told us it was because she had trouble "twerking". And then added she could twerk but only on one side! That brought such a visual to me that I could hardly stop laughing. I am chuckling just reading this. Most conversations with Janet are like this. She is a jewel! I will point her out in the pictures below.
L to R,Toni Roberts, Mardel Stream and Janet (Granny) Smith.

Donna Lawson,Sue Lucht, Pat Ruznak and Mickey Starr

Andi Blume,Dona (Pauline) Bortz, Toni

Toni. Mardel and Janet

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