Wednesday, September 3

Lordy, Lordy

Some days my head just swims with things to write about and other times I am dry as toast. I ran across a website that I really enjoyed and as I read about the writer I felt a kindred spirit with the author. So she is now on my list of links.(look to the left of page) Here is the link to her page.
This morning I made my ride to the river in the dark. We have had a butt load of rain lately and the river is as high as I have seen it all summer and that is pretty high! This was followed by my walk with Colleen. She is going on a short vacation with friends and we are headed to the Clay County Fair in Spencer Iowa so it may be Monday before we get another morning walk.

Butch and I finished the bulk of the painting yesterday. I will be working on the steps and exterior of the door today. Pictures will follow after the paint.
We still need new gutters and that will be a hired out job. And then we need general clean up and removal of dirt piles followed by landscaping. Then we can feel good about heading south and know we have done all we could for this season. Next season should be a laid back, basically fun summer for us.

Yesterday, before we finished painting we both had eye doctor appointments in Ames. When I came out Butch, in a crowded waiting room, asked me what the doctor said. I said, "He told me there was nothing wrong with me." This set off a chuckle or two.
It has been quite muddy throughout our room building extravaganza this summer and I like to wear my crocs when working in wet conditions because they are easy to clean off. Trouble is they bother my bunion so a couple days ago I took the scissors to them and now they work just fine and do not hurt my feet. Wish I had done that years sooner!!
Ready to paint so later!!

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