Monday, September 1

A Quickie

Butch and I have fallen into a paint bucket so until we can get ourselves out, posts may be on the sparse side.
Mickey helped us paint yesterday and since you may not know it, anyone who helps a friend paint gets at least two free helps in return. We are and remain very grateful for all the help we have had with this seemingly never ending project.

The Women of Zimmerle ( any woman with Zimmerle blood in her DNA)  had a gathering at our place on Saturday with catering done by Keri Brooker. It was a very fun day!!
Sister Myrla could not make it because firemen woke her up at 2:00 AM to tell her the neighbors house was on fire and she may want to be on alert.

The guy at Bomgaars told us he was a 3 coat painter- one on the wall, one on the floor and one on him. Butch falls into that category.

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