Thursday, September 4

Let's all go to the fair...

I have primer and one coat of dark green on the steps. Will probably need 2 more coats of green. It took 3 coats to cover on the door but it sure looks nice. The humid weather kept the primer from setting up proper and in a timely fashion so it has taken me longer to get done. Looks like it will have to wait till after the fair now. I was hoping to have it finished before we went but oh well!!

The weather alert just flashed on my computer screen to tell me thunderstorms expected at 6:00 PM. I will be at the library teaching a computer class at that time. I really would like the steps to "cure" a bit more. One thing about it no one is saying, "We sure need the rain!". Because we don't!!
The next blog post most likely will not be till Sunday or Monday. The fairgrounds does not have wifi or at least they didn't last time we were there. We all need a break from technology on occasion so this will be mine.

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