Wednesday, September 17

Looking through old photos

With Rich being here I began a search for specific photos I knew I had. Of course I didn't find the ones talked about but I have found many others of course and decided to post a few of them.
One of my first computer classes held in the Senior Center in Cumberland Iowa. The year was probably around 1998 or 1999.
Ethan Morlan This is such a 'good little boy having fun' picture!

The Brooker's and the Gordon's having fun on New years Eve when we all had a Panora Iowa address.

  Jason  in his high school years.
 Rich in his high school years.

And now for a Senior Center story... The ladies of the Senior Center were lamenting not having a man and remarking that a good man was hard to find. I said, "No they're not. You can buy one on the Internet for around a hundred dollars. So some ladies pooled their money and bought Justin...Justin Case.
 Here is Justin entertaining us with Christmas carols.
 And here is Justin with his gal pals, Fern Cripe, Shirley Armstrong and Barb Brooker.
And when the school band came to the center to entertain us, Justin photobombed them!

And here he is again playing the piano. One early morning when the milkman delivered the milk , Justin scared the bejeebers out of him and he hadn't said a word.

Grandma Zimmerle had seven children and here are six of them. Missing from the group is the oldest Aunt Mae. Front row- L to R. Uncle Phil, Uncle Ray, Aunt Fern or Mom to me. Back row L to R Aunt Vivian, Uncle Jack and Uncle Harold.

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