Friday, September 19

Fine Tuned

My computer skills are getting honed to a razor sharp edge the past couple of days. Norma C. has a new Chromebook and I did what I could to get it ready for her ahead of time so that when she signed on to it things would appear to her like her old computer as much as possible. She was already a Chrome user so that took care of 95% of it. She signed into it this morning and things looked familiar to her and she was tickled pink. So was I! She plans to come to Jefferson in the near future so I can show her some things she may not be aware of and I look forward to that and perhaps lunch at the Teagarden.

Last night was computer lesson night at the library and we had a very productive lesson. That does not always happen.We worked on making groups in our gmail contacts, organizing files and folders in Google Drive, transferring files and folders to Google Drive and other tidbits here and there. They kicked us out past 8:00 and were wishing we were gone already. I told them next time to give us a 5 minute warning and we will be out on time. I did it with a well meant smile.

Colleen left her computer with me for cleanup and maintenance while she was gone for a few days. So yesterday I was immersed in that project. Believe it or not, it is on my list of 'Fun Things To Do'. Many do not believe that, but it is true.

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