Tuesday, July 13

What the heck?

Ever since we have taken on our new position of keeping up the outside of the villas, suites and chalets three days a week my posting has gone to hell! I will adjust and most hopefully improve. Let's see, where were we...
Tuffy and Char did arrive on Sunday with their boat. They came to fish, purchased bait at Wild Bill's on the way here and shortly after getting settled in to their room took off for Fletcher's Pond. Pond?? It covers 8900 acres and that seems much more than a pond to me! When they finished their fishing expedition we visited and caught up with news of our other Magnolia park people. Some good news and some not so good. We also were able to play several spirited games of cribbage.
While Tuffy and Char were fishing, fellow workamper Rob came by to tell us all the workampers were going to Lickety Split for ice cream. We are always up for ice cream so in we went. Amaretto Cherry- my fave. We usually have a Sunday evening meeting to discuss the week so this meeting took place at the Lickety Split minus one couple. I am sure Dan and Becky were filled in on the meeting later.
Monday morning brought an invite to go on a rafting trip on the Thunder Bay River. Having never done this before I made a good guinea pig to see if those who will be in charge were ready for paying guests to take the trip. I did not take my camera because I figured taking care of myself was enough challenge. As it turned out I could have taken it. I erred on the side of caution. Go to www.thunderbayresort.blogspot.com for my ethereal view of the trip. I was not fearful or anxious even once. It was wonderfully quiet.

Monday is a work day for us so we had a quick lunch and gathered up the cleaning gear to play catch up. It was much hotter than I had anticipated and I worked up a powerful sweat in no time. We managed to get most of one building done and will finish the rest of it tomorrow. Butch will be golfing and it is to be another hot one. 87 degrees, So perhaps I will tackle it alone in the cool of the morning.
Tuffy called mid afternoon to tell us they were taking us out for supper and indeed they did. We went to Jack's Landing and enjoyed a wonderful meal and their generous hospitality. After giving  a short tour of the facility we came back for more cribbage. Grumble, grumble...we girls were soundly beaten. This morning Tuffy and Char dropped by for goodbyes before they headed out for another day of fishing before going home. It was fun to have them here. Oh yes, they caught 48 keepers yesterday. Memory fails me on what kind of fish they caught.
So now I am caught up to this morning and Butch is putting the push on as we are headed to Alpena...my bead order is in...and other things need attention too so till next time!...

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