Saturday, January 4

Updating a bit

Butch is playing lots of pool. No surprise there! I have been playing some too.

Been layed up with a UTI the past week thus not much of anything happening including this blog. The good news of this is that I now have a primary care doctor in the Rio Grande Valley. Dr. Elizabeth Pollack. She is young and pretty but that is beside the point. I like her and she comes to me medically in the way I like. Options and possibilities followed by a sensible plan of action. We came to her by way of a referral from our new neighbors Candy and Rick Dewey.

Today we plan to go to Magnolia for their monthly garage sale. No, it isn't the same park that we knew and loved but the ones remaining are doing the best they can and I must say doing a pretty good job of it. Our new friends Dave and Liz went with us last season and really enjoyed the lunch served on the garage sale day and would like to go again. So that is the plan.

Butch has to get out of bed first!

Check out the Trophy Gardens blog to see what is up with us somewhat. There are so many activities in this park I do not ever plan to do it all. I am making additions to their already established blog as well as our own and I still throw one at Magnolia's blog too now and then.

It has been a blessing to have Deon and Jim in Trophy with us. We share many of the same interests, pool, birding, photography, Magnolia and exercise. They have blended in seamlessly and no one would ever know they are new to this park. Trophy has over 30 new people here this year so that might be part of it!

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