Wednesday, July 19

Hotter than Hades

Butch hates being housebound. The dew points have been high and that is a pretty good indicator of unpleasant heat and humidity. I have been walking or riding in early AM and that doesn't work for Butch. Even then the temps have been in the 70's. It was 75 this morning and the dew point was about the same and there was not even the hint of a breeze and this was at 6 AM. The nice thing about bike riding is that you make your own breeze.
My plan was to ride to Winkleman's but south of the trestle bridge a tree was down across the trail. I could have gone around it but the thought of picking up a tick changed my mind. So I headed home and as I glanced down the river I spotted a deer getting a drink. I didn't notice she had a fawn with her until I downloaded my pictures.

On Monday we went to Costco. Butch was tired of being housebound. It had been awhile since making a Costco run so we had the back of the car loaded down pretty good. Butch has decided he likes the Costco (Kirkland) beer. It is listed as one of the top ten things people like at Costco and he is on board with that, unfortunately, it is not available at the Costco in south Texas. I do wonder if the separate liquor store attached to Costco could get it for him. We will have to check that out.
Tuesday we went to the casino for the now famous chicken buffet. $5.34 for seniors. And we were pleasantly surprised to see they had expanded the choices of veggies. Well worth the money. They were busy. After our meal we went to Ames for a doctor appt. Had a biopsy done on a place on my face. Small area near my right eyebrow. Been there awhile and not really concerned. Just a precautionary thing.
I could think of many things to prattle on about but maybe next time.

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