Thursday, June 8

Cleaning Hack for window sills

Still tackling the mountain but it more closely resembles a hill now. We are going to have the house painted this summer so I do not plan to clean windows until after the painting is done however, the window sills/track are very dirty so decided to do that part and wonder of wonders I remembered this tip from Pinterest.
Baking soda!  And vinegar!
Step 1.
Sprinkle baking soda on dirty sill and work it with a brush until it has worked all the dirt you can loose. Especially into corners and crevices. An old denture brush works very well for this job. I use this old denture brush for many cleaning chores.
Step 2. vacuum up dry baking soda and dirt.

Step 3. Spray cleaner with vinegar or straight vinegar, in corners especially and let it bubble a bit. Wipe clean!
I was amazed how well this worked.


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