Monday, May 22

Yeah, we're okay

Butch has his stitches out and his hand is healing nicely. He is doing his therapy with a small supple football and some play doh. The same routine and therapy as for his left hand.
The weather has been downright crappy- cold and wet! And I have fallen off my exercise regimen. I told Butch last night that if morning temps were in the 50's I would walk across town for my haircut appointment. I was excited when it was 52 and sunny this morning so for the first time since coming home, I walked my 2 miles. Maybe I will get lucky and be able to walk the trail tomorrow.
I will take a look at my photos to see if there are any I forgot to share with you.
 This has been far too common a site this Spring. We have made a bird bath/feeder out of an old satellite dish. The birds like it!  I noticed these photos were taken while the moho was being painted. It is back home in its summer home.
 I think there may be something amiss about this male cardinal's beak. It looks deformed to me

Jefferson's Freedom Rock. It is near the bike trailhead.

 Butch thought this fellow may be mushroom hunting. Maybe?

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