Friday, May 5

Galumping along

So it was Costco on Monday. Tuesday we took the motorhome to Inline Services in Callender Iowa for a partial paint job. Brock Smith is our go-to guy there. We were surprised at the size of the business in little Callender Iowa. There were other Motorhomes there and quite a few Semi-trucks. They do repair and body work. Impressive place. We assured them we did not have a time frame for completion especially since Butch will be unable to drive for 10 days. We are sure they will want it completed, paid for and out of their way as soon as possible.

After dropping off the mortorhome we went to Menards in Fort Dodge and bought a small refrigerator for the garage. We had been looking for a used one but it had to be small and all we found would need a great deal of clean up and were bulky to boot. So this is what we bought and with a $54 rebate coupon it seems reasonable. We were able to get it in the back of the car with it laying down. We left it upright and unplugged for 24 hours as we know you must do after a refrigerator is laid down. The guys who loaded it were amazed we were able to get it in the car not knowing we had measured carefully prior to buying it. We even were careful to note the measurements of it while it was in the shipping crate.

Criterion® 9.8 cu.ft.Top Freezer Refrigerator


So home we came with our purchase.
On Wednesday we took a break, I think! The day passed quickly.

Thursday was surgery day. Supposed to arrive at 12:00 and we were on time. Allowing for a pesky detour on our main track of highway 30 we left home at 10:30. Stopped at WalMart for a med renewal. Butch drove and I thought he was helping me to look forward to driving as I will be for the next 10 days as he was not as attentive as usual. I later found out he had taken a night time cold medication. I noticed! An interesting note: I had a cold and Butch caught it a couple of days before his scheduled surgery and I thought it could change his surgery date. He called to check and it did not. I was surprised by this. He could even take his cold meds without an issue. He had a block for anesthetic. So he was semi awake for it all. That must be why.
For anyone wondering about the detour on highway 30 between Grand Junction and Ogden it is a pain to endure for the next 7 months. They detour on the east by going on 169 north for 5 miles and then west to Dana Iowa and then back 5 miles south on 141. We have found a local way to get around it, however it involves 1 1/2 mile of gravel. I would much rather have a 1 mile detour than a 10 mile detour even with gravel involved. They are making changes to a railroad overpass at Grand Junction.
So after waiting in Ames for what seemed like ages everything was done and we were on the road back to Jefferson at 4:00 PM. Just in time to get Butch settled before I joined the crew at HyVee for trivia night. We did not do well with trivia but we sure had a good time.

A side note. Butch and I watched The BFG on Netflix last weekend. I enjoyed it immensely. BFG is the big friendly giant. It is a kid movie but do not let that stop you. Will watch it again and again. This 'human bean' gives it 5 stars

"Ten-year-old Sophie is in for the adventure of a lifetime when she meets the Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance). Naturally scared at first, the young girl soon realizes that the 24-foot behemoth is actually quite gentle and charming. As their friendship grows, Sophie's presence attracts the unwanted attention of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater and other giants. After traveling to London, Sophie and the BFG must convince Queen Victoria to help them get rid of all the bad giants once and for all."

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