Tuesday, May 2

Costco Trip in Iowa

Butch is having his hand surgery on Thursday so this week has been busy getting things done and lined up to be done. Monday was a washout. The alley had endured quite a bit of rain so we waited for some drying out and changed our date to get the Motorhome to Callender Iowa for some paint work to Tuesday.

Yesterday we went to Costco in DesMoines. All Costco's are laid out with the same floor plan but the door to the one in DesMoines is located in a different location making the starting point different. That really screws me up!  Next time I plan to find where we start in Texas and find that location in the DesMoines store and start from there. Do not know if it will work but worth a try.

Last winter I ran across a list of 12 Kirkland brand things they claimed to be a best buy.
They are:
1. Kirkland Signature Bacon
2. Kirkland Batteries
3. Kirkland Signature Light Beer
4. Kirkland Coffee 100% Columbian fine ground
5. Kirkland Gasoline
6. Kirkland Signature Golf balls
7. Kirkland Signature Greek Yogurt
8. Kirkland Signature Premium Ice Cream
9. Kirkland Keurig K-Cup pods
10. Kirkland Signature Virgin Olive oil
11. Kirkland Signature Organic Peanut Butter
12. Kirkland Signature Salmon

Butch nixes Golf balls, Ice cream, and Organic Peanut butter. He would not knowingly touch greek yogurt, olive oil or salmon. So that narrows the list down a bit. The coffee we swear by. I use the bacon. We get the gasoline when we are in the vicinity. K-pods we do not use and I think are way too pricey a way to have coffee. Also, the machine is bulky and would not fit in our way of life. That leaves the beer which Butch knew nothing about till this list came to light. We bought a case of 48 yesterday for $22.49. He doesn't know if he likes it yet but the price was right. He can find a case of 30 Old Mill light for $14.99 on sale now and then, and sometimes but rarely for $13.99. If he likes it we really do not gain much because it isn't available in Texas. If it were it would save us from transporting beer from Iowa to Texas as we could buy it as we use it. Durn it! Hmmm, wonder if we could request it.
Sure wish Costco would consider a store in Ames or Fort Dodge.

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