Sunday, October 30

Peculiar now-Carthage tomorrow

We have spent the weekend with our Missouri kids. We have so enjoyed being around the great grands. This morning I asked Leo why he did not eat his last 4 pieces of pancake. His answer- There are not 4 pieces, only 3. He is only 3 and knows his numbers and letters. Cannot get much past that boy or his sister.
Amanda called Elise to ask her where an article of clothing was that was needed for her costume. She said it is either in the dress bin or the accessories bin on the left. Such precise directions from a 6 year old. Amazing kids!

We will be heading out in the morning for Carthage and plan to spend a day or two there before starting out on the next leg.
On another note. I am loving my phone! It is a Google Pixel. Charges in 15 minutes. A charge lasts 2-3 days. I have never had a phone before that was so trouble free from the beginning. The GPS on the way down was flawless! I am looking forward to a long and loving relationship with it.

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