Friday, November 4

Carthage- Friday

Yesterday was a cloudy, fine mist of a day. We managed to get a walk in spite of it. Most of the day was spent hanging out and watching everyone leave. The park seemed about half full when we arrived but now it feels down to about a quarter. Better WiFi for the rest of us.

This is the one park we have been in that has adequate WiFi. This park is about 1/4th size of Magnolia. It is attached to an RV dealership and that most likely explains why the WiFi is top notch. I should say they would not have to extend it to the park but it sure is nice that they do.

 In the park they have 3 towers and they tell customers to sign on to the one with the strongest signal for them. They give you a password and I know it gets changed sometimes. I read a review for this park where a former customer was giving them a bad review. Management added to the review that what the complainer failed to note was that he was ejected from the park for hacking into the wifi system to stream videos directly among other things. I am certain changing the password would have been essential after this event. 
And in this park with their topnotch WiFi they warn that at times it can be slow depending on how many people are using it at any one time. If we had the same system in our park it would be virtually at a standstill in January and February. Magnolia would also need double or maybe even triple the towers for the same level of coverage. 
Butch and I have  2 phones,2 kindles,3 computers, and 1 television all connected to our personal WiFi system both in Texas and Iowa. And this is why we have our own system. I would never expect to be connected to that many devices on the parks Internet connection. I do know that it is done. Can you imagine if everyone had eight devices connected to the system? They most likely would not be using all 8 devices at the same time but even so it is a sizable load.

I did not expect to get off on this subject . It was a spontaneous occurence.

I do not know what the day holds. Maybe I will do more laundry. I am glad we are not on the road today. It is foggy. I am hoping we are blessed with good travel weather on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

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