Friday, October 21

Trivia and the trivial

I have spent too much time today trying to find out how old my computer is. It is beginning to act a bit funky. I know it has some age because the keys on my keyboard are missing in the A and the E and S is getting a different shape as well. But what really burns my butt is when it stalls out when I am doing puzzles. I think I have it traced down to 6 or 7 years old. I plan to try and limp along a while yet.
We went to trivia night last night with one more trivia event before we leave for parts south. We came in second. It was not one of our shinier efforts. We had fun anyway, though.
My friend Colleen surprised me Wednesday. We had to wait for it to warm up but we did get one of our famous walks in. Just like old times. She was here for a memorial service for her friend Kathy Hankel who passed away recently and she will not be here long. It was a very pleasant surprise.

The weather has been perfect really for Iowa in late October. This morning it was 31 but that is the only time it has dipped that low and they say we will have a warm weekend. I certainly hope so because we plan to move into the motorhome and get settled in before take off next Friday. With all our home improvements this summer like the new floor and backsplash, it will feel like a different place.
Note to Kay S.: the new flooring and the backsplash, were easy peasy and we should be able to fix you right up when you are ready. At least we are full of good advice!Smileycons!

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