Monday, October 17

Quick Update

Hey, I have to hurry because it is warm out there and going to reach 80's today, probably for the last time this year. So I must get that walk in. It has been the busiest of weeks! Something to go to, attend to, or see to every day this past week. Makes me tired just thinking about it.
Last night we had a going away party hosted by us at the casino for family. It was fun seeing everyone and having the time to sit and visit. Myrla joined us as she needed to do something to distract her from her grief. Due to her constant and loving care of Scott these past years family visits were many times too difficult for her to attend logistically so it was nice that she could this time.

So I will not bore you with the details of the rest of it...honestly, at this minute I am not remembering the rest of it! I will work on my memory while walking. Later...!

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