Thursday, August 4

Went to the doctors and the doctors said...

First appointment was with an allergist. I have a had a nasal drip ever since we returned from Texas and before. I was tested for allergies. The verdict is in and I do not have allergies! I have what is called Vasomotor or non-allergic rhinitis. Something of unknown origin can trigger it and may not go away once contracted. So now I have a prescription nasal spray and I am hoping to get rid of this tickle in my throat and naggy little cough.

And the second appointment was because of a bump on my thumb. It is a new bump. Doesn't hurt at all and wouldn't worry me at all but it is new. At least I think it is new. No worry here either. It is a ganglion. I am familiar with ganglions from working in the doctors office years ago. It may or may not go away on its own but doesn't hurt or bother so no problem.

Both visits were reassuring. Seems I need more of that these days!

This morning's 2.63 mile walk was hard! It was 73 degrees at 6:00 am with 74 percent humidity. I felt like I was walking through warm soup. We have a heat advisory. Butch is antsy to get the mowing done but it goes away as soon as he goes outdoors for a minute.

Our squirrels do not trust us or they do not like ice water. Maybe both! I put an ice block in the satellite dish and the squirrels will not go near it. They are curious and check it out delicately but that is all. The little wimps!!

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