Wednesday, August 3

Foggy morning

I finally got a ride in this morning. I missed the last two mornings due to morning storms. This morning it was fog-lots of fog but I didn't let that stop me. I go at 6:30 so there are not a lot of people out and about at that time, cutting down on my chances of getting hit. The visibility was 1/4 mile at best and in places, it was about 30 feet!

They had the cross country kids (I assume) on the trail this morning and for some reason, they seem to think they had a priority. Very, very few seemed to think they had to make way for me. I successfully bluffed them out. It made me irritated that I needed to bluff them out! I was thinking if one of those Lance Armstrong wannbes had come by he would have wiped out a few kids. I would have offered first aid and used my phone to call 911 while I chewed on the ones who didn't get hit! The coaches should have had a short talk about trail etiquette before letting the dogs out. End of rant.

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