Friday, August 19

Walk Day

I took off bright and early because it is still quite warm. A cool front is on its way and tomorrow we are promised a high in the 60's. 68, I believe. Whoo hoo! We can turn off the air and open the windows. What a treat! The moon was full as I started out this morning and I kept looking for a good picture and I found one.
At the place on the trail this photo was taken is a home that many people think "something" should be done. It is very cluttered with all kinds of yard art. In past years it was cluttered but tidy. Apparently, the creator of this art is no longer able to take care of it as well as in years past. I appreciated the opportunity to get this arty photo.

Miss Elise 
Little Leo is returning to Preschool and Miss Elise is in 1st grade!

I like thistles. I think they are their natural habitat.

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