Saturday, June 18

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There has been a remarkable decrease in the number of deer on the trail this season. In the past, I could count on seeing deer at least three times a week but this summer they are scarce, this being the third deer I have seen this season.

 Karla celebrated her birthday with us at 209 Main in Paton IA.

 Michele, Autumn and Karla
 Jason and Laura
 After our meal at 209 Main, Butch and I rode through Spring Lake, a slight detour on the way home. Below is the skating rink at the lake. Skating is available every Friday and Saturday night throughout the summer.

                                                      Skating Rink

 Morning sunlight on the bike trail.

 Butch has a bad habit of cleaning the grill without thought to what he is wearing, necessitating removing grease stains from his clothes. So we are trying to retrain him to remember his apron. Now he is ready to grill those bratburgers!

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