Wednesday, June 15

After the storm...

The storm did not amount to much here in Jefferson. We got a nice rain out of it although it came too fast. Butch and Russ were in the motorhome working on the floor and I am very excited about their progress. They still have the slideout to do, and then the trim and it will be done. It is looking very good and I am pleased with the result. RV people will be interested in how we dealt with the slideout edges and pictures will be forthcoming. I have taken before pictures for contrast and also to show what the slideout looks like when it is not covered with carpet. Each manufacturer does it differently I am sure. It is part of the process we were most concerned with but I am thinking I will like it better than before.

This cactus was given to me by the boys several years ago. We used to take it with us everywhere we traveled but it has become too big and heavy to deal with so it now winters in Iowa. We do bring it inside and it gets watered a couple of times per winter. We take it outside in the Spring once the danger of frost is past.
It has always been a bloomer and this year is no exception.

It looks so much smaller than it seems in this picture. Hmmmm.

This morning's bikeride was one of those that make your heart sing. It is cool after the rain and everything looks clean and fresh. The sun is shining beautiful light and shadows accentuating the pristine appearance of it all.
My only obstacle was dodging the twigs and branches on the trail.

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