Thursday, May 26

The last piece

The last piece of old flooring came up yesterday. Butch took the day off today and played golf. I rode down to the river and back.

Two remarkable, in the true sense of the word, pictures came my way today. I did not take either one of them but I have learned to recognize the good stuff.

My niece Tara raises chickens, rabbits and cares very much for dogs. Any animal really. She posted this picture on Facebook and I snipped it. She said,"The girls really enjoy their freedom."

And this is a picture of Twila, Butch's cousin. It was taken in England in the mid-1960's. I liked it very much as it reminded me of a Vermeer painting, the last supper picture on the wall, the vase of flowers on the table, the soft glow of the light through the window and Twila in a very natural pose indicating her work is done.
Twila's daughter posted the picture on Caring Bridge. Twila is in hospice now and very tired much of the time. Her daughter was saying that her mother has always been beautiful even when she is tired. And I certainly must agree.

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