Wednesday, May 25

Backed Up

This is a series of pictures I had no time to deal with till this morning.

Floor progress:
drivers seat

Taking up the glued down wood has been tedious and often frustrating

Passenger seat. Butch would like to get it done back past the seats and get the seats remounted to have them out of the way more than anything.

This is the front flower bed. Not much has been done to it yet. In its current condition, it tells me I have reached a goal- that being not to need much for it to be presentable.

On the bike trail...

 My work gloves. I want it to be known that I do sometimes work. I will admit these gloves are at least 3 years old

This will be the spot for the lizard but I am needing more rock to do it right. And first, we have to get rid of a million seed pods.

Butch helped Mickey put this shed together. It looks far better now. This was taken shortly after completion.

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