Sunday, May 15

Progress report

Butch and Jason have been tearing out carpet in the moho and I have been helping when I can. We are about halfway with the demo portion of the project. This morning Butch and Jason are golfing and I rode out on the trail to the first bench past the bridge. I regretted not having the GoPro with me, however I have firm plans to have it next time. I put it in my helmet so I cannot forget. This morning the phlox are blooming along with many other flowers and the trail was very active. Didn't see any deer but I did see a large variety of birds, several cats, a beaver on the bridge ( it scurried off for me), runners, some with dogs and other bikers. I wore a sweatshirt and it was a bit cool at 56 degrees but pleasant all the same with the sunshine and slight breeze.

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