Saturday, May 21

No post since Wednesday! Geez!!!

Thursday We went to Ames so I could have a stress test. Yippie-skippie. The old Afib has been giving me a bit of a fit lately so we have to have everything checked out. This isn't new news so don't get excited. I'm not.
I did well on the stress test. I usually do. So far all tests have been good results. Not all tests are in yet but I am being hopeful.
Friday I had another appt in Ankeny with a lady-part doctor. Nuff said.
Then we went to Menards and purchased some flooring for the motorhome. It is getting closer to a reality.
Today Karla and I went garage saleing and she scored a few items. Butch and Jason played golf. I am thinking that catches you up for the time being.
We have been busy doing "stuff". And soon it could be fun stuff so stay tuned!

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