Thursday, May 5


Just returned from my first bike ride since October of 2015 and I am a pooped pup! I started out and thought, "This isn't too bad." But then I started thinking it was really too easy and noticed the wind was from the northeast but I kept going. The trail is always easy going DOWN to the river and not as easy coming back UP to town. Funny how your memory sometimes fails on these things. I thought I will just take it easy. It will be okay. But then I decided perhaps it was a bit too much for my first go of the year so stopped short of the river probably a half to three-quarter of a mile. I am  so glad that I did because the trip back was the workout of the year. Now I am home and recovering. Butch is on the golf course getting his workout but I know mine was tougher!
Naturally pleasing arrangement.

This was my turn around point. Picture faces south.

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