Saturday, May 7

My yesterday

Butch went to Mickeys to help put her new shed together. My original plan was to ride to the river but the wind was up a bit so decided I could burn more calories working in the yard. Last fall Butch seeded our formerly mud area in the backyard with grass seed and I am sure many of you know that in so doing the grass seed does not always stay where you want so I had plenty of unwanted grass patches between my pavers on the path to the Moho. I dug them all out. Cleaned up the area around the hostas on the north and in those few words and two chores I spent all morning! The belltower started chiming and I started counting and was shocked to hear it was noon!
My improvement plans for the southwest corner of the living room are 3/4 done. A couple of years ago we dismantled a desk and used part of it for Butch's hideyhole desk in the closet and the rest of it to hold odds and ends next to my desk. It looked unsightly and unfinished so I planned to dispose of it. However, my teammate asked what I planned to do with the stuff in the drawers. Buy something new? As I am all about reuse and restore I changed my thinking and with Butch's help and some paint we now have a new printer stand.

I have also been thinking about something to hold the NuWave oven and induction plate and my first thought was a small kitchen island but that thought meta-morphed into a stainless steel cart. Went to my first source for such things, and found one for $130 but that did not include the casters-another 40 bucks! So I kept dragging my feet. I would go look at it then click out without buying and I did this for several days in a row. Then on Wednesday in my email was a Costco notice for online only items and there was a cart! $77 and it already has the casters on it and free shipping. It is slightly smaller than the other one and  it will fit better. Sometimes when something is holding you back it is for a good reason. And for those of you trying to help, I looked in many other places than those two, Craigslist, Wayfair, Overstock etc to name a few.
So the new cart will be here Tuesday and I will post pics of the finished improvements of the southwest corner of our living space.

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