Wednesday, April 27

Rainy, Cool Indoor Day

Butch and I have been busy getting things done outside. I know most of you can relate to that. It is the only argument I can give for staying in one place all the time...but even then you must wait for the right weather for whatever you choose to do. Being south works better for that than north...but that isn't going to happen for us. I have long had a theory about why things seem neater in the north, like yards and farm houses etc and that is, in the north you are always working with deadlines like getting it done before cold weather sets in or getting itchy fingers to get out and dig in the dirt come Spring. And in the south it is always, " I'll get to that tomorrow, Ma." which is a line from Ma and Pa Kettle that gets used around here quite often regardless if we're north or south. Said with a smile, of course.
So today has been laundry day, computering day, nap day, stay inside day and all things good day.

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