Friday, March 6

Today was my birthday!

I have had a wonderful birthday in many ways. My two besties in the park, Kay and Peggy gave me a party and wonderful gifts as well as their best gift of all, their good company. It seems when the three of us are together we are laughing uproariously over something really silly, like joking for two years about stealing a decorative piece off a mobile home across the street knowing all the time we never would. (Read on)

Butch gave me the best gift ever. It met all the requirements of a great gift. It was something I had my eye on for years. I never dreamed I would ever actually have it. It took thought and effort to get it for me. What is it? It is a decorative piece I saw on a mobile home here in the park when Ralph owned it. Then Betty owned it. Then Big Ed owned it. Last summer Big Ed passed on and his daughter asked Sandy if she wanted it and she said yes. I wondered where it had went when we came back this fall and it was missing from Big Ed's home. One day it showed up on Sandy's home and then I knew. Just a few days ago Sandy announced she was going back to Iowa and had sold her mobile. Butch asked Sandy about the decorative piece and she said I could have it and now I do! Years ago I had taken a picture of it but of course I cannot find it! And now the piece is stored away in the bottom of the motorhome with access to it not being easy, a picture will have to wait until it meets its new home in Jefferson Iowa.  I have searched through all my old pictures for two days trying to find the picture so when I promise you will see it you can count on it. Things happen in mysterious ways!
I have had more birthday greetings than you can ever imagine. Every where I went and nearly everyone I met wished me Happy Birthday. I appreciate every one of them. It really has been a great day.

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