Friday, January 9

Son Jason called

First of all he told us they planned to have spaghetti squash, one of his mothers favorites, for supper. That is until they cut it open and discovered they were having melon instead. I assume it had to be a honeydew melon in order to look even close to a spaghetti squash. I am betting they will be paying closer attention on their next purchase of spaghetti squash.

And then he told us he had a new job as an English teacher. This was a surprise because Jason had an issue with a type of dyslexia in his elementary school days. The rest of the story is he has a friend of Mexican origins at work who has a 6 year old daughter who is starting to read. And Sebastion's first language is Spanish so he is unable to help his daughter as much as he would like so he asked Jason if she could call him of an evening if she ran into a word she didn't know while she was reading. Jason said she could of course and she did. She called and spelled out d-e-f·i·n-i-t-e·l-y. Jason gave her the pronunciation and the meaning and then asked her what she was reading as it seemed like a difficult word for a 6 year old. She was reading Sponge Bob Square Pants. I am guessing she will be a very good student. And Jason will enjoy helping her.

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