Thursday, January 8


This year is shaping up to be much like last year. And that is a bite in the butt. Today was Costco run day and none of us were in the mood for additional shopping. Cold weather is bad in my book no matter where you might be but not being acclimated to it gives it a double whammy. Like a 40 degree day in July-everybody freezes! And as it happens this is the best day of the next three. Predicted high of 38 degrees come Saturday with 16 MPH north winds.
Enough of the dirty talk.
 There was a buzz of activity prior to this cold spell coming in. As we walked around the park people were getting all their outdoor chores finished up. It reminded me of the runs on the grocery store before a storm. Do people still do that?
Spring will be here much sooner than there and that is what I am hanging my hat on these days.
Till next time...

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