Thursday, January 15

First Mexico Trip this season

We finally made our way south of the border. Usually we would have made multiple trips by this time. We are 7 miles from the border and in that 7 miles we spotted 4 or 5 state troopers. This is unusual.  We figured something was up. Then when we walked over the bridge and were making our way to a pharmacy we were a bit overwhelmed by the number of Federales present. It was not busy so many business people were on the street too and seemed to have an above normal interest in the Federales. So we asked, "What is going on?" Answer was "Nothing". "This is normal" It plainly wasn't normal.
We decided that there would be some people who would turn around right then and there to get back to the good old USA. We didn't. We went to the pharmacy and picked up a few items, like naproxen and zyrtec. Then we did our usual casual shopping and ended up at Garcias for Panchos. It had been a long time and I thoroughly relished every bite.
And then we made our way back to the bridge. Not a Federale in sight! All was back to normal...whatever that is!

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