Wednesday, January 14

A Ramble

Well folks, it has been tough. You see when you are housebound by weather or nearly so there is not much to add to the blog. I am pretty much a watcher of public television. We both are really. And being on antenna we do not have a bunch of options. We have added Netflix and it is a lifesaver, especially on days such as those we have had since Christmas. A few days ago we watched Get Low. What a great movie! We highly recommend it.

Get Low
2009    4.6 stars

Average of 657,964 ratings:3.7 stars
Robert Duvall stars as irascible backwoods loner Felix Bush, who plans his funeral while he's still around to attend -- and enjoy -- the proceedings.


Being the introvert that I basically am I am not bothered much by having a lot of alone time but the dank, dark days we have been having does take its toll. I want to see the sun and even perhaps take part in some outdoor activities. Maybe even leave the park and do something fun! 
We have tickets for a Port of Brownsville tour but we want to have some nice weather for it.

Another recommendation I can make is a Fanny Flagg book we are listening to on Overdrive. Funny, genuinely funny.

Cover of The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion

      (click on)
is a way to be connected to a library online. I use my library card from the library in Jefferson Iowa but if you have a library card from any library you can use overdrive. We happen to be listening to an audio version of the book but it does not have to be audio. It works much the same as if you walked into the library and checked out a book. Our new friends Bob and Cathy Jones, who we met in Canyon Lake TX, introduced us to Overdrive and we are so glad they did. It is another tool for our entertainment capabilities.

So I am closing this ramble for now but if the weather continues in the awful manner it has been I may have to resort to more rambling.

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