Wednesday, September 24

Still doing the same stuff

...only different.Colleen took a trip to Minnesota with a friend so I was on my own for awhile. I ride more than walk when alone. This was taken on the bridge last Monday.

Tuesday morning Colleen was back and we were greeted with a beautiful sky- full of pinks and yellows.

And the depot had a backdrop that reminded me of a painting.
The walks have been a little crisper than we like but we have been giving it a go...until this morning when we were rained out. The promise is for great weather ahead so we will be back at it tomorrow.

Butch and I have made tentative plans for the trip south with a stop planned at Canyon Lake TX where our friends Lou and Gary stay. Walnut Canyon RV Park at Canyon Lake. It is a different park than we usually stay in but I am sure it will suit our needs quite well.

Butch's brother Leo had some work done on his rotator cuff Monday so Butch was on nursing duty yesterday. They both seem to be getting along quite well. Butch is looking at that kind of surgery and a carpal tunnel one as well  but the doctors have agreed he should wait till the situations worsen before they proceed. His carpal tunnel has improved a great deal after injections and wearing braces on his wrists at night. It isn't easy getting old but it sure beats the alternative.

I am back at beading but dropped back to doing rings. They can be done in an evening, the variety is infinite and it meets my instant gratification needs. I have a couple made in school colors for Susan and Amanda and we will be heading that way in a week or so for a visit.
My other hobby being computers and Chrome is going strong and I add new people every now and then. So that is fun for me too. It has been a new challenge as the Chrome system and the apps grow regularly.
So this ought to hold you for a bit...

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