Friday, December 12


I have made tremendous strides with my new dental regimen and the antibiotics. The change is unbelievable for such a short time period. This procedure on Monday should not be nearly as bad as I had anticipated when everything was sore and very tender.

The Christmas Parade in the park was last night. Lil, Peggy and I led the parade and then afterwards we enjoyed Subway sandwiches provided by the association. It has become an annual event coinciding with the $2 Sub deal that Subway has each December. Makes feeding a crowd easy and it was mighty tasty besides.
You can always check on park happenings by going to It also has the same email sign up procedure at the bottom of the post if you would like to get updates in your email.

I was sitting here trying to remember what my day had been like when I remembered it was computer class day. Only 4 today but it is still early. One of the aspects of doing the classes that some may not think about is that it gives me a chance to know some people much better than I would without the class. I enjoy doing it very much.
Tomorrow is the H.E.B. Feast of Sharing where they feed all who show up for it a ham dinner. It is an appreciation event for their customers and we all are at one time or another. I will try to find out the number of people they feed at this event and let you know but it is a huge number.

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