Tuesday, December 9

Family news

Yesterday son Jason had a test that we are all supposed to get every 10 years. The results were great but he found out he shares a malady with his brother Gary. We need to find out if his brother Rich has the same problem. They started the IV and he fainted. In his defense the nurse had a problem finding his vein and this made it worse. But he also felt weird and fainty after the procedure. It just popped into my head that his blood sugar could have been an issue as well. Need to check on that aspect.
And little Leo had a hernia repair on one side. He came through with flying colors also. As far as he knows he took a nap and woke up with an owie. He is 18 months old.

Butch and I did get our walk in yesterday but that was about it. We have had a cloudy/rainy period. Fortunately the highs have remained near 70 degrees. A vast improvement over last season...at least so far.

This morning the sun is shining so I think I will make laundry a part of my day.
Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
Till next time...

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