Monday, November 10

Weekend shenanigans 2

Sunday afternoon we were invited to John and Jolene Oyer's home in New Braunfels, a short 15 minute journey from where we are staying. Jolene and I were schoolmates. Yes, she is a J.I.G. (Jefferson Iowa Girl) and another talented member of the class of '61! They are everywhere!
 We had a nice visit and they gave us a tour of the New Braunfels area. John and Jolene have lived in this area for 25 years.
Jolene is very active member of the New Braunfels Art League and many of her works are on display there along with dozens of other extremely talented artists. Jolene will be attending a workshop there today on fused glass. The two photos below are of a piece done by the instructor of the fused glass class.
 From the other side...

This is one of many of Jolene's pieces. She has recently switched from photo's to abstract. Artists everywhere will tell you their work goes in cycles.
John's birthday was yesterday so we helped him celebrate with a delicious homemade two layer cake.

It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon with Jolene and John.

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