Monday, November 10

Weekend Shenanigans 1

Saturday was a beautiful day so we decided to go to the dam for a walk. Mistake! We were unaware of a bicycle race connected with New Braunfels Wurstfest event. So the drive over was a nerve racking experience as there were numerous bicycles to maneuver among. Most were off the highway but there were many places where that was not possible. It was like Iowa's Ragbrai with traffic to boot. Well maybe not that bad but I greatly feared for their safety. And then when we arrived at the dam it was loaded with bicycles. So we modified our plan and went for a short walk away from the dam.

After the dam we decided to find a place for lunch. We spotted a full parking lot next to Granny D's restaurant and since we had plenty of time, decided to give it a go. It was a very pleasant experience. As long as we have plenty of time to enjoy a dining experience we would go there again. They were very busy on a Saturday at 1:00 PM. The food was worth the wait.

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