Thursday, August 12

Spider Fighter

Wednesday morning Butch plays in a senior league so he went off to golf and I took up battle with the spiders on the 400 building. It is amazing how fast those little boogers can spin a web.Smileycons!
 I worked away with my broom for 3 hours and I was able to finish that building. It is worse than housework or some would say much the same. You know when you are finished you are not really finished for it will all be there to do again and soon.Smileycons!

When Butch finished golfing he went over with the blower and blew off a few decks. The blower works much better and faster than a broom. It does not work to blow off the spiders. They and their webs hold on for dear life.
We played in couples golf last night and it was fun but not because I played well. I have just learned how to make fun out of whatever may be happening.
This morning we were back to beading class. I am nursing my wrist yet so I took it real easy and did not learn anything new but worked on one that is now easy for me.
As you can see we are creatures of habit and we soon do all the same things we have been doing...again and again. But we are okay with that because if we weren't we would change it. Michigan, like the rest of the Midwest, is experiencing above normal temperatures. The locals all tell us it is unseasonably warm here (upper 80's and humid). We are running the AC. I like it best when it is warm enough to have the windows open but not so warm we need the air on. We have had many of those this summer and I am hoping for a few more. I look at the temps they are experiencing in Iowa and my memory of what that is like is still pretty vivid. And it is not a pretty picture. Also all the rain they are getting is reminiscent of 1993 and we were still living in Iowa then. It rained every day it seemed and got very old. We were never in danger of flooding because Cumberland was on very high ground but the incessant rain was mighty depressing after a few months of it. And they said that was a 500 year flood! The news people are all saying this year could surpass 1993 in the record books. How's that for a kick in the pants?! We are very sympathetic to all the friends and family we still have in Iowa .
So until I once again get inspired or we do something new.

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