Tuesday, August 10

Another Day in Michigan

I remembered a therapy they had me do on my wrist before I had the surgery the last time. They set up two pans of water, one very hot and one very cold. They then had me alternate between the two pans. The cold one nearly killed me and the warm one felt really good. So I did this last night after finishing dishes. I had a pan full of water with ice cubes and the dishwater, alternating between the two. It really helped!! It feels much better today. I am guessing it shocks it into behaving.
Butch is out- Guess What?- Golfing. I have my walk done and I should be fighting spiders but I seem to be dragging my feet. Getting a wee bit tired of fighting spiders.
This morning I also tied up loose ends. You know how that goes...the check book needs balanced. The umbrella needs some minor repair. My picture folder on the computer needs some organizing- that is in addition to gathering up the garbage, cleaning the litter box and other everyday things. So mostly done with all that so sat here for a chat with all of you.
Next week friends from Magnolia Park, Kay and Pecan Bill will be stopping by for a visit. We are very much looking forward to that. Kay is a stay-at-home girl, I sometimes call her a hermit so she doesn't want us to plan too much to do. So we won't. They will also be on the tail end of a lengthy vacation. So it will be easy does it. We can handle that.
As I sit here at my computer I can see the tee box on number 4. I watch many people hit the golf ball every day. Some things I know for sure.
1.There are more bad golfers than good.
2. Some people cannot hit the ball even after many attempts.
3. Most people have never had a lesson in their life and if they did it didn't "take".
I am sure I could add more. I remember many years ago when I finished my lessons and I was so scared to hit off the first tee because it was right in front of the clubhouse. Butch said just stand back and watch a few people hit first and you will not feel so bad. It was one of the times when he was right, wink, wink.

Wildflower takeover-

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