Saturday, July 15

Siding is finished

Russ and Butch have completed the siding job. Whoo hoo! Pictures will be forthcoming after the next leg. That being the paint job. We have hired a painter. Two reasons- Butch hates to paint and isn't any good at it and it is more than we want to tackle in our old age. These are the years of enjoying the fruits of our labor. We worked hard at saving it and now is the time to spend it.
We have always been conservative with our money and that will not change. Actually, most of our expenditures are taking care of the things we already own rather than purchasing new.

The wrens took the construction going on around them like little troopers. We are sure there is a family in the nest as there is lots of coming and going. There was construction work going on above and beside their home. This is a before pic.

Russ and his great grandson Hunter
 When work was in progress.

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