Saturday, April 29

What I learned from a limp carrot

In South Texas, the carrot crop comes in and after the produce has been harvested they will let people glean what does not get picked. One of our ambitious residents gleaned several large bags of carrots and offered them to everyone.
My friend Kay Stilson was given some and a few of them had been in the field under a hot sun for a bit too long and were kind of bendy. Kay steams her vegetables in a steamer pan all the time so she peeled the bendy carrots and steamed them. I happened to be at her place when they were done and she offered me a bite. They were so bright in color and sweet to an extreme degree.  I started thinking of carrots in a whole new way and other veggies too.

So after coming back to Iowa, I ordered a steamer pan and this afternoon I tried it if for the first time. Amazing! Mom's should know that if they steamed vegetables for their children they may find they like them. Especially on their first try. My "oldest child" still won't even try. Smileycons!

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